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CANCELLED: Little Jiggling Particles, a performative event for brass instruments and weather balloons (postponed until February)


    November 13, 2022    
    5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


    1050 River St., #119, Santa Cruz, CA

    Little Jiggling Particles is a performative event proposed for LANDING, under the focus theme of energy.

    The work consists of a collection of inflated weather balloons and a brass band, all freely moving, untethered and un-choreographed, within the space. The balloons act as giant speakers that receive and carry sound, especially the low, bass sounds. By touching the balloons, visitors can hear the sound with their fingertips, cheek or whole body. The number of band members and balloons is variable, depending on the size of the space. A single tuba also works!

    Wendy Jacob is an artist whose work explores the interface between the body and the physical world. Her works include sculptures, installations and performances; walls and ceilings that breathe, chairs that embrace, and floors that resonate with sub-audible sound. Her current project explores the physics of everyday ambient sounds, and includes a building column activated by a collage of vibrations. Jacob’s works have appeared in the Kunsthaus Graz, the Centre Georges-Pompidou, the Whitney Museum of American Art and, most recently, Tramway, Glasgow.

    “Wendy Jacob has been making and exhibiting work since 1988, always with a keen interest in the negotiation and understanding of architectural and domestic spaces. With work that expands the sensory dimensions of art, she invites the blind and hard of hearing to experience galleries and museums primarily through touch rather than sight and sound, subsequently subverting the able-bodied visitor’s expectations of the white cube, asking them to reconsider and reframe their point of view.” — Emily McDermott, Artpapers

    for more on Wendy Jacob’s work: