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LANDING, in collaboration with Refocusing Ecology and Red October, visits the Lichen Museum


    October 15, 2022    
    11:00 am - 12:00 pm


    Behind Ross Dress for Less
    650 River St., Gateway Plaza, Santa Cruz

    The Lichen Museum project draws inspiration from the radical habits of lichens to explore parallel considerations for human becoming. With lichens as muse, the Lichen Museum nurtures and develops actions and perspectives that support collectivity and undermine individualism, profit-motivation, time-equals-money, and presumed human dominance of the material world. As a conceptual frame to slow and redirect attention, the Lichen Museum invites you to zero in on inhabitants of the sidewalks and river bank ecologies; enter slowed, horizontal, colorful and complex worlds that co-exist with those of capitalist urgency but are mostly overlooked or stepped on.

    The Lichen Museum is a project conceived by artist A. Laurie Palmer, who will lead the tour. It is presented through Refocusing Ecology, a program produced by Martabel Wasserman with support from a City Arts Recovery Design Grant (CARD) from the City of Santa Cruz.

    It is also part of Red October, a three day convergence of radical events and discussions, art and presentations.

    For more information on Red October: