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Fire Walk with Maya Elson, Michelle Glowa & Taye Bright

    Fire Walk with Maya Elson, Michelle Glowa & Taye Bright


    August 28, 2022    
    10:00 am - 12:30 pm


    • A Freeskool event in collaboration with LANDING
    • Carpool/caravan leaves Santa Cruz at 9:30, hike in Bonny Doon 10-12:30pm.
    • This event is free but limited to 18 people and requires registration.
      Please register here.
    • Location details will be emailed to you once you submit the registration form

    Take a walk on the fire side in a rural neighborhood in Bonny Doon within the CZU burn scar. We’ll explore the history of fire in our bioregion, and the role of colonialism and capitalism in throwing fire out of balance with the other elements. We can take time to grieve the impacts of megafire, and find inspiration in the incredible resilience of our human and ecological community. We’ll explore what’s growing in the post-fire landscape and see some of the study sites used in CoRenewal’s post fire fungal inoculation research. Join us to explore the myriad of ways that we can take action to make catastrophic megafires less catastrophic and to reimagine how to live in relationship to fire moving forward.