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LANDING@Aulinta: International Taco Fortnight and Halloween Banner procession


    October 21, 2023 - November 4, 2023    
    12:01 am - 11:59 pm


    City of Santa Cruz
    multiple locations, Santa Cruz
    Aulinta folks are happy to announce that this year’s International Taco Fortnight starts at 12:01am on Saturday, October 21st and goes until 11:59pm on Saturday, November 4th! As usual, they are not here to tell you how to celebrate. Eat tacos! Or don’t! If anyone would like to have a meal with Blaize, they will have general availability for many dinner and lunch times. There will be a 2-week-long conference/arts festival in the other timeline. This year’s theme is Holding Each Other: Nourishing Peace.

    Blaize is looking for help with a procession of the Fabrica protest banners. The 50th anniversary of the timeline split is in November, so this is the first event of the upcoming anniversary year. The plan for the banner procession is to meet up at the Fabrica at 5pm on Halloween, then–since Pacific Avenue will be blocked off–to process down towards the Clock Tower carrying the banners in an order appropriate for the Aulinta timeline. So, the first banner will be Capitalism is Killing Us, and the last will be Decolonize Everything. About 30 people will be needed to carry all the banners. If you are interested in this, please let Blaize know by texting to: 831.254.9048.