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LANDING@Indexical: Anna Friz & Gabriel Saloman: Between the Fires, with Cole Pulice


    February 18, 2023    
    8:30 pm - 10:00 pm


    1050 River St., #119, Santa Cruz, CA

    Anna Friz & Gabriel Saloman: Between the Fires

    A concert that listens for risk and regeneration, drought and the hints of persistent moisture in burn scars from the local CZU Lightning Complex fires, as the cycles of fire intensify. Anna and Gabriel experiment with listening and playing with the changing land, moving between chaparral and coniferous forests, performing with recordings made among the trees together with live electronic instruments, and analog and digital processing techniques.Between the Fires is a part of LANDING, a sponsored project of Indexical. LANDING is funded by the City of Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz City Arts through the CARD Grant program.

    Cole Pulice

    Cole Pulice is a composer, saxophonist and electroacoustic musician from Oakland-via-Minneapolis. Following their debut album Gloam and two duo collaborations with Lynn Avery and Nat Harvie, Cole Pulice returns with their sophomore album Scry. It drifts between electroacoustic experimentalism and more traditional forms of song-like beauty, casting a wide sonic net that highlights Pulice’s versatility and creativity as both an improviser and composer.



    Indexical charges an admission fee of $18 for this event.